Wedding planning will be a chore if you don't answer these questions first

Wedding planning can become a hassle when you forget to take into consideration certain factors/constraints/needs early on, and find yourself scrambling to accommodate later in the planning cycle. I know you’re a little worried that you’ve forgotten something in your wedding planning, or that you’re doing something out of order. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. For your sake we’ll be short and sweet. Do NOT forget to figure these things out:

The obvious

I won’t even put descriptions next to these, because the world of wedding blogs has done the work for us already :)

  1. Budget

  2. Location/Venue

  3. Guest count

The not-so-obvious

  1. Do you want a dance floor? If so, then you need a reception venue that fits your guest count + a dance floor, which isn’t always obvious in the info packets they give you.

  2. Do you want your reception to go past 10pm? It’s not as common for venues to go past 10 as you think. There’s sound ordinances that prevent them from doing so - so make sure to ask this question when venue hunting!

  3. Do you want to serve liquor? Like above, check with the venue!

  4. How many guests are from out of town? This determines whether your venue should be near ample hotels, and whether you should buy hotel blocks.

  5. Will your guests need parking? Uber and Lyft are of course the reigning modes of transportation for city weddings. But if you’re planning to go more off the grid…make sure your guests have a place to put their car!

  6. Single day or multi-day wedding? This sounds like a weird one, but discuss early on with your partner whether you actually want a multi-day wedding (summer camp or retreat style), as this severely changes which venues and vendors you look at. Might as well save yourself the headache, right?

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