5 things real couples have said about Honeydew

We can claim as much as we want that we're making couples' lives easier, but we think our couples can do a much better job :) 

1. ...for the super busy couple

"I want that perfect wedding, and I am kind of picky in terms of what I want. But my fiancé and I run two startups and simply don’t have time to go through all different options for every single detail of our wedding (I never thought there was so much planning involved!). It almost feels like planning a wedding is like having a part-time job, which I find to be crazy!"

2. ...for the overwhelmed, confused couple

"I was at my wits end trying to find an afterparty venue that met my must have criteria. I had two friends try and they couldn't find anything. After speaking with Michelle within 24 hours her team had found the perfect venue and they even booked it for me. I only wish I had found them sooner!"

3. ...for the efficient, impatient couple

"The last thing we wanted was to be running around stressing. We spoke to a few planners, they were all very expensive and their wedding planning process seemed very inefficient and long with several meetings and phone calls. I felt like I might as well do it all myself..."

4. ...for the faraway, remote couple

We are planning a wedding in Michigan but live in California and it has been a struggle for us at times to get a hold of vendors at normal hours without it taking away from our job. It was great to have a task given to Honeydew on Monday morning and by that afternoon, I had an answer or a decision made. I love to check things off my list and it's been amazing that everything that we asked Honeydew to take care of, they checked it off quickly and efficiently. 

5. ...for the out-of-options, desperate couple

"I really believe in your product! The food truck situation was so stressful to me because of the nuanced permits required and walkthroughs with the venue and food truck owners being generally unresponsive. Roaming Hunger also proved to be unhelpful because they shut down my request once they figured out my event was in Monterey. I'm like...they are trucks...they can drive...that's the beauty. They didn't present me with any options, not even with a travel fee. Keep doing what you're doing! Savings brides brains from exploding!"

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Lucy Zhao