The most important decision for your wedding

is the first one you have to make.

Where do you want to have it?

We know this is a difficult and crucial decision. After all, it will affect what type of food you serve, how your photographs will turn out, how long the party can go on for, and of course, it’s a big part of defining your budget. When it comes to selecting a location and venue, there’s a world of options and considerations. At Honeydew, we want to make it easier with our Location Cost Calculator.

We built this tool because we know that choosing where you want to have your wedding is difficult. You and your fiancé may live in a different city from where you grew up or where your families live. You and your fiancé may even be in a different city from each other! And if you’re living in snowy Michigan, you may be dreaming of beach weddings in Mexico. The first decision many couples have to make is where to have their wedding — where they live now, where their families live, or a destination they want to travel to.

Of course, there are many considerations that go into this selection, from your guests’ ability to travel, to your overall aesthetic and style. Then, there’s the cost. All of the couples we have talked to have stressed about the fact that there’s no information about what a wedding should cost in different locations. As a result, couples under budget or a make a decision based on the wrong set of assumptions and are faced with a nasty surprise when the bill comes in.

It’s not just the venue rental fee that affects your budget. It’s also all the hidden costs and caveats that add up. Is there an extra fee for bringing in your own caterer? Does the venue require that you use their florist? In our calculator, we show you the average cost of weddings in California compared to popular destination locales.

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Lucy Zhao