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What are Honeydew's responsibilities?

Starting upon purchase, Honeydew's scope of work begins:

  • Personalized checklist for tasks Honeydew will do and how we'll work together
  • Research and recommendations for vendor decisions (16 decisions)
  1. Gather client’s style and personal preferences

  2. Screen vendors for availability, style fit, and quality

  3. Present vendor comparison table (price, hidden costs, scope of work) with 3 recommendations to client for a decision (if no choice is made, surface 1 more round of results)

  4. Negotiate on client’s behalf

  5. Present final contract to client

  • Budget break down into allocations for each vendor category
  • Negotiation for each booking to maximize savings
  • Payment management so you don't miss deposits and due dates

Starting one month before wedding:

  • Point of contact for all vendors, starting with intro calls
  • Detailed day-of-timeline and cues for vendors, guests, and bridal party
  • Venue floor plan for vendors to reference for set up and cues

Day-of wedding:

  • 10 hours of in-person support the day of your wedding, 1 coordinator
  • Issue resolution and point of contact for all vendors, guests, and bridal party
  • Logistics management:
    • Give cues to keep the day on schedule
    • Ensure all personal property, special items (e.g., cake topper), and wedding gifts are properly packed and secured in a vehicle, hotel room or storage room.
    • Confirm all vendors complete their obligations and receive final payment


How do you source the vendors that you recommend to me?

Based on your style profile and unique needs, we research 15-20 vendor options. We source them from online and offline networks. We screen by having phone conversations and reviewing their quotes. The best 3 are selected based on qualities you care about, whether that's experience, artistic vision, communication, and/or budget. We only present you with vendors that meet our Honeydew standard: high responsiveness, stellar reviews, and transparent prices.


What are my responsibilities as the client?

Provide funds for vendor payments.


Do you have any guarantees?

We have a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with Honeydew’s work, we'll refund you in full.


What's the fine print?

  • Honeydew’s role will be that of advisor and coordinator. Client will make the actual selections of vendors.

  • Client is responsible for responding to Honeydew in a timely manner to book reservations for vendors. If a vendor becomes unavailable during this wait period, Honeydew shall not be held liable.

  • Client will make payments directly to the vendors. Honeydew does not accept any commissions from vendors.

  • Client will notify Honeydew of any changes in a timely manner. Honeydew shall not be held liable for any changes made by Client.

  • Honeydew cannot guarantee any vendor’s performance or product. We pass along in good faith information that vendor gives us. If there's a change, we will notify couple as soon as possible and work to resolve it.

  • For any planning already complete, Client will provide contact names, telephone numbers, and any scheduled timetables for all vendors involved in the wedding ceremony/reception upon the signing of this letter.