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We recommend these 3 options from 23 options. All 3 options offer favorable courtesy blocks, meaning you can block a set of rooms without being financially responsible if those rooms do not get booked by your guests.

Option A Option B Option C
Company La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Brooklyn Downtown Hampton Inn Brooklyn/Downtown
AC Hotel New York City Downtown
Reviews Booking 7.6 stars, ‎955 reviews
Trip Advisor 3.5 stars, ‎458 reviews
Booking 8.7 stars,‎1,303 reviews
Trip Advisor 4.5 stars, ‎1,306 reviews
Booking 8.8 stars, ‎413 reviews
Trip Advisor 4 stars, ‎67 reviews

Total cost
(Package price)

+14.75% tax per night for standard king bed

+14.75% tax per night for standard king bed

*discounted rate (a minimum of 10 rooms required for this rate)

+14.75% tax per night for standard king bed
Courtesy room block (no financial commitment) 20 30 25
Financial commitment A max of 10 rooms not used by guest are released back to the hotel’s inventory without a penalty (24hrs notice is required) No financial commitment No financial commitment
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