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Honeydew agrees to the following:

Starting one month before wedding:

  • Act as point of contact for all vendors, starting with intro calls

  • Create detailed day-of-timeline and cues for vendors, guests, and bridal party

  • Create venue floor plan for vendors to reference for set up and cues

Day-of wedding:

  • Provide 1 coordinator for 10 hours of in-person support the day of the wedding

  • Resolve any issues that arise and act aspoint of contact for all vendors, guests, and bridal party

  • Manage logistics (including but not limited to):

    • Give cues to keep the day on schedule.

    • Ensure all personal property, special items (e.g., cake topper), and wedding gifts are properly packed and secured in a vehicle, hotel room or storage room.

    • Confirm all vendors complete their obligations and receive final tip/payment.

Client agrees to the following:

Provide funds for vendor payments.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy with Honeydew’s work, we'll make things right or refund you in full.

Terms & Conditions

  • Honeydew’s role will be that of advisor and coordinator. Client will make the actual selections of vendors.

  • Client is responsible for responding to Honeydew in a timely manner to book reservations for vendors. If a vendor becomes unavailable during this wait period, Honeydew shall not be held liable.

  • Client will make payments directly to the vendors. Honeydew does not accept any commissions from vendors.

  • Client will notify Honeydew of any changes in a timely manner. Honeydew shall not be held liable for any changes made by Client.

  • Honeydew cannot guarantee any vendor’s performance or product. We pass along in good faith information that vendor gives us. If there's a change, we will notify couple as soon as possible and work to resolve it.

  • For any planning already complete, Client will provide contact names, telephone numbers, and any scheduled timetables for all vendors involved in the wedding ceremony/reception upon the signing of this letter.

Day of coordination

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