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"I want that perfect wedding, and I am kind of picky in terms of what I want. But my fiancé and I run two startups and simply don’t have time to go through all different options for every single detail of our wedding (I never thought there was so much planning involved!). It almost feels like planning a wedding is like having a part-time job, which I find to be crazy! 

We didn’t know if we wanted to use a full service planner but we for sure wanted someone to help out on the day of. The last thing we wanted was to be running around stressing. We spoke to a few planners, they were all very expensive and their wedding planning process seemed very inefficient and long with several meetings and phone calls. I felt like I might as well do it all myself...

I was mega happy when I came across Honeydew, which was exactly what I wanted for a great price. They make the whole planning process easy. They update my profile with options according to my budget and style preferences, and then I go in and choose online (so much easier than being on the phone, exchanging thousands of emails). They also provide coordination on the day of. Exactly what I needed! The service is super organized, transparent, and quick! Honeydew is very much for the modern bride and groom who don’t have time to plan but still want that perfect wedding."

-Yasmine A, NYC

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"Honeydew is a professional wedding consultant service. I say consultant because there have been plenty of times where I needed general wedding planning advice, and Honeydew was extremely helpful in this regard. 

The most useful part of Honeydew was helping us save time! We are planning a wedding in Michigan but live in California and it has been a struggle for us at times to get a hold of vendors at normal hours without it taking away from our job. It was great to have a task given to Honeydew on Monday morning and by that afternoon, I had an answer or a decision made. I love to check things off my list and it's been amazing that everything that we asked Honeydew to take care of, they checked it off quickly and efficiently. 

We would HIGHLY recommend Honeydew to anyone who just got engaged! We wish we would have met with Honeydew at the beginning stages of our wedding planning because we would have hired them to plan our entire wedding. They have been very prompt with all their responses to our requests and are always ahead of their own timelines. They truly have taken the stress out of wedding planning and working with them has made me more excited about my wedding than when I was planning items on my own. "

-Kreeya A, Bay Area

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“So, we've been wedding planning, but we live in a different state than we are getting married in. With two full time jobs and a busy travel schedule, finding the time to research, call, and calculate total cost was so overwhelming. We came upon Honeydew, a wedding planning service that's like having an extremely personalized and comprehensive search engine (but human) and it helped us SO much.

I told them all the things that were important to us on our wedding day, and the team came back with options that were perfect. We booked the top choice she sent us! The most useful thing was the estimated cost calculations. Having someone who knew our parameters source out all the venues that fit our goals and then give us a cost projection (including catering, rentals, etc.) helped me see what we could actually afford, which made decisions so easy. Also, the turnaround time on making venue visit appointments was incredible. Being out of state, I had a very specific time frame in which to see these venues (on short notice, too) and Honeydew made it happen SO FAST. 

We were so busy with a million other things this summer that the extra time just allowed us to chill out, de-stress, and enjoy being engaged! I really recommend Honeydew!! They can help filter options so you don't waste time on something that's not going to work!”

-Kyla B., Seattle