"I want that perfect wedding, and I am kind of picky in terms of what I want. But my fiancé and I run two startups and simply don’t have time to go through all different options for every single detail of our wedding (I never thought there was so much planning involved!). It almost feels like planning a wedding is like having a part-time job, which I find to be crazy! 

We didn’t know if we wanted to use a full service planner but we for sure wanted someone to help out on the day of. The last thing we wanted was to be running around stressing. We spoke to a few planners, they were all very expensive and their wedding planning process seemed very inefficient and long with several meetings and phone calls. I felt like I might as well do it all myself...

I was mega happy when I came across Honeydew, which was exactly what I wanted for a great price. They make the whole planning process easy. They update my profile with options according to my budget and style preferences, and then I go in and choose online (so much easier than being on the phone, exchanging thousands of emails). They also provide coordination on the day of. Exactly what I needed! The service is super organized, transparent, and quick! Honeydew is very much for the modern bride and groom who don’t have time to plan but still want that perfect wedding."

-Yasmine A, NYC