referral program

You'll receive $50 off your current or future service when your referred friend books his/her first Honeydew service.

Your referral will receive

$25 off an à la carte service
$100 off month of coordination
$250 off full service

Next Steps

You can send them this link directly:

OR let us know who they are below, and we will reach out to them. 

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Approximate month & year is totally fine!

Terms & Conditions

  • No previous purchase required by referrer

  • Qualifications for those referred:

    1. New customer

    2. Must make an order

    3. Cannot return or refund order

  • Rewards may be redeemed in various forms at Honeydew's sole discretion, including the form of a Visa or gift card

  • The reward earned by Referrer is void in the event the referred couple requests a refund