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Your Baraat vehicle results

We contacted 15 vendors and recommend these 4 matches. Note that all 4 options are a different vehicle type - we hope that this variety will help you come to a Baraat decision.

Option A Option B Option C Option D
Company Eagle Rider (Barb’s Harley-Davidson) Coastal Carts
Imagine Lifestyles Wings Air
Reviews Yelp 3 stars, ‎28 reviews
Google 5 stars, 2 reviews
Yelp 5 stars, 2 reviews
Google 4.2, 18 reviews
Yelp 3.5 stars, 15 reviews
Facebook 4.8 stars, 362 votes
Facebook 4.8 stars, 21 votes
Type of vehicle
Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycle
Golf cart
Luxury car

Total cost
(Package price)
$259 $325

$445/day for Corvette
$695/day for Porsche
$995/day for Maserati
$1,895/day for Ferrari 458
$1,995/day for Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan & Lamborghini Urus
$2,695/day for Lamborghini Aventador
What's included -Unlimited miles (select models) & no hourly charges
-Use of vehicle for a 24 hour period
-Safety equipment

*Fuel costs are client's responsibility
-Cart rental for the event
-Full tank of fuel
-Car rental for the event -A one-way flight to or from the venue
-Landing: Penn’s Landing Heliport

*helicopter cannot land at venue directly, and must land at the Heliport, which is 1.7 mi from venue
Payment policy Full payment at the time of booking Full payment at the time of booking $250 non-refundable deposit to book Full payment at the time of booking
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Your hotel block results

We contacted 14 hotels within walking distance of your venue, and recommend these 4. To decide between booking a courtesy block vs. increasing the room block quantity, you should determine whether you are comfortable guaranteeing the hotel’s minimum requirement (shown in the table below.)

Option A Option B Option C Option D
Company Loew's Philadelphia Hotel Hilton Garden Inn, Philadelphia Warwick Hotel, Rittenhouse Bellevue Hotel, Hyatt
Reviews Google 4.4 stars, 2622 reviews Google 4 stars, 1223 reviews Google 4.2 stars, 1083 reviews Google 4.4 stars, 645 reviews
Distance from Venue .5 mi walk .8 mi walk .3 mi walk .2 mi walk
Room block rate

Excl. 16.25% occupancy tax

$149/night King room: $219/night
Double room: $239/night
Courtesy block 30 rooms/night 15 rooms/night 35 rooms/night
*increased from standard 20
12 rooms/night
Financial commitment 70% 80% 80% 60%
*discounted from 80%
Explanation A courtesy block is the number of rooms per night the hotel will offer without requiring you to guarantee that X% of blocked rooms is booked. Hotels recommend that you start with a courtesy block if you are not confident that you can meet the minimum guarantee, and then ask for more rooms if you run out.
Additional notes Check in: 4pm
Check out: 11am
Check in: 3pm
Check out: 1pm
Check in: 4pm
Check out: 12pm
Check in: 4pm
Check out: 11am
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